Office Virtualization with VMware
Virtualize all of your office servers into one VMware server for better maintenance, backup, and hardware cost reduction. Move core servers into VMware cloud space for better access. Virtualize desktops (VDI) for easier maintenance and nightly backups. Instantly restore servers and staff desktops if Windows become corrupt from viruses, malware, ransomware, or user error.
ITpeer Team
ITpeer is myself: Jeff Kaminski, junior staff, and often techs in training.

Jeff Kaminski

Senior Tech

I have been working with computers since before windows and mice made computers easy to use. Using old and new skills, I am quickly able to understand complex computer and network environments and fix problems quickly.

Kayla Kaminski

Accounting & Tech

Kayla does a masterful job with bookkeeping and keeping accounting in order. She has an aptitude for troubleshooting Windows desktop problems and mobile devices.

email: support @ ITpeer . com , phone: 778 .820 .0129
Our rate is 120 per hour. Service contracts for routine support are heavily discounted.